The Beginning

In the year 1989, a young European designer left the western world to discover himself in the high mountains of Tibet. After traveling for several months from village to village he decided to join an ancient monestary in a city called Lhasa, also known as ‘Sunlight City’.

In 1999 he decided to go back to Europe, looking for a way to share with others what he had learnt in the monestary.

He used fabric that already had lived a life. And with the spiritual belief in reincarnation he removed all their filth and sins. Giving you the opportunity to build up a new life together with them. Sharing your soul and passion, making them as original and unique as you are.

The Inspiration

Taking inspiration from the way of life in the Buddist faith, garments are giving a second life. But Warf Wild also believes in giving people chances, so part of the production of the Warf Wild collection is done in Nepal! Giving the clothes an even more authentic feel.

Lung Ta’s

The prayer flags or Lung Ta's are found throughout Tibet and Nepal. And come in five different colours; Blue represents Heaven, White represents Wind, Red represents Fire, Green represents Water and Yellow represents Earth. All the graphics used in the Warf Wild collections are based on one of these five elements.

warf wild